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6 Steps To Create a Website

Being present on the Internet has become an obligation to build your image and be visible in 2022. How to do it when you are an entrepreneur?

Creating a website is not always easy, especially when you are a novice. It is work that must be prepared and followed in the long term. Some critical steps must be respected to concretize your project.

Here are six quick steps to start your project

STEP 1: Get your ideas straight

To have a precise idea of its project is necessary for the excellent progress of creating an Internet site. It is helpful to take the time to think about your expectations before launching. Sometimes considered a waste of time, this phase will allow you to save time later. Make up your specifications with as many details as possible: information about your company and your products, diagrams, headings, comparison with other sites?ย 

Some simple questions to ask yourself:
– Why do I want to create a website?
– What will this site bring to my business?
– What will my website be used for?
– What budget does my company have?
– Who is my website for?
– Do I want to interact with Internet users?
– Do I want to be able to update my site regularly, or do I want to leave it static?
– Do I have the skills to do it alone?

Draw a site map on a sheet of paper representing each page, the content you want to include, and the links between pages.

STEP 2 : Find a domain name

The domain name is the internet address that users will have to type to access your site.
It is essential to choose it well. Do not hesitate to integrate precise keywords related to your activity in the domain name. Avoid domain names that are too long (2-3 words maximum).
Register your domain name on sites such as Namecheap as there is a delay (a few hours to some days) between the moment you have the domain name and the moment the site is accessible on the Internet.

You can choose a free domain name, but it is not advised because you risk being trapped by the provider who proposes it and supports advertising imposed on your site. On the other hand, you can reserve a “.com” or “.net” or “.org” domain name, which will allow you to change the host freely. You will then pay a fee of 8$ on average per year.ย 




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  8. Dnslytics
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STEP 3 : Choose a web host

Once created, your site must be accessible to all Internet users. It should not remain on your computer. You must place the files of the pages of your site on a server. It is the host who has a server.
The role of a host is quite simple: it must implement all the necessary means so that your website is available 24 hours a day and can be consulted in optimal conditions of navigation.

The choice of the host is made according to your criteria (budget, memory, type of site?). You can consult a comparative list of hosts below. Choose a host that is located in your target country.

Take the time to compare the different offers. The reliability and the seniority of the host, the quality of the tools and services offered, the rates, the customer service must be the object of your attention.



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Step 4 : Build your website

If you are a beginner, it is often advisable to take a training course to understand better the Internet language and the possibilities offered on the web. Once the training is completed, you will be better able to choose the method of work that you wish to follow: working with a provider or alone.

Working with a service provider
You will save time but have to pay money. Based on the specifications you have drawn up, the service provider will offer you different website models and an estimate. Prices vary greatly depending on the type of site to be created and the requirements of each person.

If you choose to create your site alone
You can use any website builder (Shopify, WordPress…), often downloadable and free, which allows you to create the website’s pages. However, you will have to learn how to use them.

– Some tips for building your website
1) Create a readable and efficient site
2) Prefer a simple design that will serve as a basis for all pages. The loading of each page will then be faster. It is easier to start by creating a home page and reusing it as a model for the rest of the pages.
3) Name your pages when you save them, with the most exact file name and without spaces in the file names (this also applies to images).ย 
4) Avoid pages that are too long. Prefer sequencing in sections.
5) Avoid empty pages or pages under construction.
6) There is no need for an introduction, animation, and welcome page at the site entrance.
7) Do not overload the pages with colors, patterns, animation, music. Your site must be above all readable.
8) Don’t put too many large images that will use too much memory and slow your site.
9) For the text: write original titles containing keywords, make short sentences, organize the text in paragraphs. Once your pages are created, you must place them on the server to make your site concrete.




  1. Drupal
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  2. Joomla!
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  4. WordPress๐Ÿ†
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  5. Tumblr
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  6. Wix
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  7. Squarespace
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  8. Medium
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  15. Forum CMS

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STEP 5: How to make your site known on the Internet

After creating the site itself, one of the most critical tasks is its referencing, that is to say, its registration on search engines, directories, building backlinks, etc. There is no point in having a place if you don’t have visitors, but they still have to find you!

Attention: do not start referencing your site if it is still under construction and if there is nothing in it. It could be refused in many directories.

Forget the free referencing that some sites offer.ย 



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STEP 6: Monitoring your site

Once your site is created, it is not a question of leaving it to the abandonment. The referencing of your site will be better if you update it regularly and if it is visible on a maximum of links. To improve your site’s capabilities, it is helpful to study its traffic periodically, quantitatively, and qualitatively.

The statistics site like Google Analitycs provides a variety of beneficial information: several visitors, visits, and pages viewed, addresses of the places that allowed them to find your site, search engines that indicated you as a search result, keywords that visitors typed into the machines to find your site, country of origin, pages of your site that they visited the most, etc…

These tips are not exhaustive. Surf on the Internet to compare the best offers and not hesitate to call on service providers or freelancers.

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