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8 Priorities For a Successful Website Homepage


The home page is one of the essential pages of your website. You do not have the right to make mistakes; you must be effective and efficient. How to make success of the homepage of your website?

To help you create or improve your website’s homepage, WebsiteTool will present you with all the best practices and share our advice.

What is a successful website homepage? Focus on 8 good practices

All the examples of website presentation texts and homepage design that we will present to you in a moment integrate most of the following good practices:

1. To have a compelling title

Your site must tell visitors what you have to offer in a few seconds. Your readers will know they will find what they are looking for on your site by putting forward a short, clear, and very explicit title. Take inspiration from examples of quick and effective website introduction texts.

Of course, many different people may open your website, and it is impossible to create a title that speaks to everyone. So focus your efforts on the people who are your primary target, those to whom your offer is likely to bring satisfaction.

2. Instantly answer your visitors' essential questions

From your home page, your visitors should be able to quickly find an answer to the following questions: “What is this company?”, “What does it do, what does it offer?”, “What can I do with this site?
If you’re an established business, you don’t need to describe who you are and what you do. But for most companies, answering these questions clearly on the homepage is essential. Your visitors who have just arrived on your site should be able to say to themselves: “I am in the right place.

At the same time, make it easy to navigate your site. Your visitors are looking for products or services that you have to offer. Guide them to the pages that interest them with a straightforward, easy-to-understand design and fluid, intuitive navigation.

3. Have a design consistent with your target and your brand

Visitors judge a website in less than 40 seconds. Your choice of design and colors is, therefore, significant.

Adapt your color code to your logo and graphic charter to be easily identifiable by your customers. Choose colors that match your brand image and values.

The design of the homepage must resonate with your target audience; adapting to it. We are talking about “design” in the broadest sense, including graphics and the way of expressing yourself, the formulation, the choice of words…

4. Highlighting your strengths

Your homepage should have a strong value proposition that grabs visitors’ attention and encourages them to learn more about your offering. From the first page of your site, highlight your expertise and the benefits of your products and services.

To do this, use short, persuasive sentences. There’s no need to overload your home page with long paragraphs that your visitors won’t necessarily take the time to read. Get to the point and summarize your assets in a few practical words.

5. Have powerful images

Having good examples of website presentation texts is good, but Internet users are very visual. Rely on an image (or a short video) that indicates from the home page of your site what you have to offer to your visitors. Use pictures that arouse your visitors’ emotions and curiosity and call them to action.

The quality of your images must be impeccable; use HD images with a size adapted to the opening on computers and mobile devices.

6. Ensure compatibility with mobile devices

The design of your homepage must be optimized to work correctly on all browsing devices: computers, smartphones, tablets. This means avoiding complex elements such as animations, pop-ups, flash banners, etc.

Indeed, more and more browsing on the Internet is done from a smartphone or a tablet. It is essential that your site, from your homepage, opens perfectly and quickly on all types of media and is pleasant to consult on them.

7. Include CTA

The homepage should include call-to-action (CTA) buttons, such as: “Try Now,” “Free Trial,” “Book a Call,” “Buy Now,” “Learn More,” etc. For example, highlight a simple “contact us,” which stands out in yellow on an ashen background, making the CTA stand out.

Remember that a homepage’s purpose is to encourage your visitors to navigate deeper into your site. CTA buttons guide your visitors through your conversion funnel.

If they are visible, CTAs turn your homepage into a conversion page. They also need to be bold and powerful. Your CTAs should make you stand out from the crowd and instantly invite your visitors to engage with your business.

8. Have an evolutionary design

The design of your website must evolve with time. Quality home pages are never static. They regularly develop to integrate the evolution of the needs, the enrichment of the offer, and the customers’ testimonies. Home pages are also a privileged place for A/B testing.

Take advantage of the seasonality, if your activity lends itself to it, to put forward some of your products or some of your offers on your first page.




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